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Any personal information collected through the website via the Enquiries Form or any contact by email or telephone is stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Our main concern is the privacy and security of your information, none of which will be passed onto third parties without your consent. It will only be used for the purposes you gave it to us for and will be deleted on request.


The Penrose Marquee website uses several cookies to maintain a level of usability within the site. These cookies relate to the use of the Facebook and Twitter feeds, the live weather feed from Freemeteo and the use of Google Analytics for feedback of users interaction and navigation of the Penrose Marquee site.

This site uses a Google Analytics cookie to record and store user interaction with this website only for purpose of optimisation for the site itself. This includes the links used to enter and leave the site. Information gathered is related to page visits, time on page, Operating System, Browser, County or Country etc.

No personal data of the user is gathered or stored unless otherwise stated. The cookies concerned are __utma, __utmb, __utmc and __utmz.

Several cookies are used by Facebook and Twitter to implement their social feeds, these are used to connect to your account or to use the features of their own individual feeds. A full description of what these cookies do can be found at their respective websites. We Do Not have access to these cookies ourselves and are purely used by them.

The Freemeteo weather banner policy regarding their cookie can be found here. We Do Not have access to these cookies ourselves and are purely used by them.

A SESSION cookie is used on the Enquiries Form page to send your contact information to our email server, this can not be turned off as it is needed for the contact form to work. If you are at all worried about this, please contact us by phone or through your own email service, program or device. Our details can be found at the top of any page or by going to the Contact Us page.

Please use the privacy tab to alter your privacy levels should you wish to opt out of our website using these cookies.


Sections of the code used for this website have been used from other sources; at the time of writing these were free for commercial use and have been altered to suit the website needs.

If any infringement or issues arise from this please contact me at DPBDesign and we will remove the offending code and/or reach an amicable solution. Code that was used from other sites include:

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